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Sunday, 29 August 2010

I'm back

With more tips on how to be a ninja, this time i'm going to stop the broken english since it's getting annoying and not making me look any more legit as I had hoped it would.

So to be an effective ninja, you'll need some throwing stars.
I recommend stainless steel for easy cleaning and go for a curved blade over a straight one, just for the lulz.

You're also going to need some some other tools like a grappling hook, so you can scale that castle wall with greater ease.

One more thing I highly recommend for the starting out ninja is some caltrops, you're new so you're going to be making mistakes... stop people chasing you down and killing you before you can realise your true potential of being a NINJA WARRIOR!

I'll be back later with more updates and links and ninja-esque pictures.



  1. nice!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Woa interesting :3 Waiting for new posts!

  4. You make me laugh. Follow me and read my ramblings.

  5. I will take notes from you and try to become a master ninja.

  6. Honestly , i try everyday to be a ninja

  7. same. i followed u do the same bro.

  8. Whoa. Ninjas. Definately a follow. Let me know if you feel like viewing my blog :)