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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Pretty unrelated post here, but Rick Astley has a new single. HOLY DICK BALLS.

He never gave up on you, return the favour.

^ Check it out, it's not even half bad.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Thank's for all the followers guys, I didn't expect to reach my goal of 50 so fast. As promised along with my advertisements i'll deliver a special ninja for your efforts, a ninja unlike any other.

Now you may all be thinking, "This G ain't no ninja" BUT LET ME TELL YOU. The Game is the realest ninja rolling the streets today. Check out that font under THE GAME, that's the classic font used by a modern ninja, and check out that mother fucking bling and tattoo's, you know what that is right? Dedication. Dedication to his ninja life staying out of the public eye. Ninjas don't have no damn tattoo's but this ninja is hardcore.


More Ninjas

As promised i'm back to deliver more ninjas. This time i'm bringing you the best ninja ever, in my opinion.

That's right guys, I give you GRAY FOX

Reasons why Gray Fox is an awesome ninja:

1. He kills bad guys.
2. He doesn't afraid of anything.

I'm back

With more tips on how to be a ninja, this time i'm going to stop the broken english since it's getting annoying and not making me look any more legit as I had hoped it would.

So to be an effective ninja, you'll need some throwing stars.
I recommend stainless steel for easy cleaning and go for a curved blade over a straight one, just for the lulz.

You're also going to need some some other tools like a grappling hook, so you can scale that castle wall with greater ease.

One more thing I highly recommend for the starting out ninja is some caltrops, you're new so you're going to be making mistakes... stop people chasing you down and killing you before you can realise your true potential of being a NINJA WARRIOR!

I'll be back later with more updates and links and ninja-esque pictures.


Steps to becoming a ninja

First you want get sword, not normal sword you want ninja sword
i recommend sword of fire

second you want get outfit this is easy get black sheets and wrap up in them ok GOOD JOB YOU NOW 1 STEP CLOSER TO BEING NINJA

i can't think of more step right now i check back later

good luck apprentice ninjas

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If you want to be ninja

though mainly if you want me to follow you back

being an asian warrior

Require skill and dedication of samurai and ninja

stay posted for more asia warrior